Meet the Sikarwar Family!



What grade is your child in and who is his teacher at Teasley?

Prithvi is in first grade and his teacher is Mrs. Karen Sellers who we love from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you Mrs. Sellers.

What country and what region are you from? What languages does your family speak?

We are from India. We call New Delhi, the capital city of India our home for the last 20 years now. Ours is a multicultural family as we belong to Eastern (Odisha) and (Uttar Pradesh) Northern states in India. Our family speaks four languages - Odiya, Hindi, Awadhi and English.

What do you miss most about India?

We miss family and old friends that fortunately we get to meet and visit once or twice a year.  We definitely miss authentic Indian food from different parts of India. Also, the overall festive spirit during Diwali and Holi is something that we truly miss.

If you could share one thing you love about India, what would it be? Are there certain foods, certain places and activities that are unique?

We love the sheer spirit with which we come together during festivals. Cities light up and everyone comes together as one big family to celebrate different festivals. The second thing that I absolutely love about India is its incredible hospitality.

Delhi is the multicultural hub of India. With many people from different states of India living in Delhi, it has the best food options ever! Since so many foreigners also visit Delhi regularly - it has some of the best hotels and restaurants in India providing varied cuisines.

Delhi is a foodie's dream come true. Some of the very best places to visit while in Delhi  - Expensive but worth every penny! - Reasonable with never ending choices. - Best street food not just in Delhi but in India.

If you have an interest in history and architecture you can visit these places in Delhi,_New_Delhi 

And of course, last but definitely not the least, if you have time to look at one of the seven wonders of the new world then a 4 hour drive from Delhi to Agra (another historical city) would take you to the Taj Mahal.,_New_Delhi 


What are the most special traditional holidays your family celebrates?

They say India is the land of million gods and goddesses. With many different religions and ethnicities, there is at least one festival every month. The holidays closest to my heart are Diwali (festival of lights), Holi (Festival of colors) and Christmas. As I mentioned before, families and entire cities come together to celebrate these festivals. Cities, towns and villages exude a different vibe and one can gorge upon mouth watering delicacies all month long without feeling guilty about it :)

Even though we follow Hinduism, our schooling has been in Catholic and Protestant schools so Christmas also plays a very big part in our lives. We engage in Christmas celebrations as a family with the same enthusiasm and fervor as we do for Diwali or Holi. Being a multicultural family, it allows us to look beyond one religion and culture and expand our horizons and definitely more food options!

What advice do you have for new families starting at Teasley?

Trust your teachers and school. Teasley is one of the most open minded and diverse places I have come across of all the cities and different places that I have travelled to in the USA.


 If you could share one lesson or special idea or skill you learned from Teasley with the children of your native country, what would it be?

For parents - Participate and get involved through various volunteering options. I am a full time working mother and I participated in different class and school activities last year. While it was not always easy but when my son used to see me in his classroom for some volunteering events, the smile on his face was everything for me and so worth it. This is how you have a better understanding of where your child is going and what are school's values.

For children - Just be yourself and be proud (not in an arrogant way at all) of your roots.

 Is there anything else you would like to share with our Teasley community?

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to give everyone a sneak peek into our lives and culture. Teasley is the most diverse and open-minded school that I have come across. Keep up the good work!!!!!

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