The Tiger Trot




**Coming March 26th 2021**


what is the Tiger Trot??


1).  It is our LARGEST PTA Fundraiser of the Year!

2). THIS IS NOT A RACE! It is a Fun Run our kids run during school. Kids will run roughly 30 laps around our field (or gym if it's raining) and will receive lap markers as they complete each lap. They have been training in PE for this event so it is a great way to track their progress. We are encouraging the kids to strive for their personal best and hopefully create a lasting love for healthy habits!  


3).  Normally this race is held in November but, due to COVID this year, it will be held in Spring.

4).  Once you've registered your child (see link above), share the link friends & family to raise money  

      for our school!

5). The more your child earns the more prizes & class incentives they receive. Click here to see all our amazing prizes!

6). Money goes towards something the kids will enjoy & promote healthy activity.  


7). This year we are raising money for sun shades for the playground & technology enhancements!

8). This year our GOAL this year is $35,000


9). Click here to help us prepare for this special day OR be the mascot during carpool the week of the event!



If you have questions or need anything, feel free to contact Kate Hutto


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